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version 9!

Welcome to version 9 of pressing on! The major changes are here on the front page, where you'll see pictures (actual pictures on my site! Who'd have thought?), a changed menubar (both in location and in style) and a new layout.

On other pages, you'll see that the overall style doesn't change too much, but the infamous pressing on... logo has been changed just a little bit.

Another nice thing is that the style sheet that I designed for this site should work reasonably well in Netscape 4 as well. It won't look exactly like IE5+/NN6/Mozilla, but it will look reasonably good.

Also, you'll see that the theme swapper has been taken off for a little while. It was giving me problems, so I decided to take it out until I could retool it. I'm thinking of having five themes, one for each of the five "homes" represented in the pictures above. For more on the new design, check out the colophon.

In addition, I've added a golf section. Right now it doesn't give anything more than cursory information, but I'm going to add to it eventually.

As always with a new design, I'm bound to have overlooked changes that needed to be done. If you find anything as you look around, please let me know. Thanks!


Wow...nicely done. When it first came up, I thought I had accidentally clicked on the wrong bookmark. Once again, my site has earned its name... :)

I agree with Ricky. I thought, "hey! what happened?", and then I realized. Brandon updated, that's what happened. It is way cool. Keep up the good work!