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I've made a decision

My least favorite car company is now Toyota. Why? Because of that blasted use of that one radio commercial...over and over again. No, Toyota, that is not the way I like it.


Quit listening to the radio and get out and enjoy the world..... :)

Just a thought, but shouldn't you choose whether or not you like a car company by the QUALITY of car they produce, rather than by how often a particular dealership (or even the whole company) plays their commercials? I mean, honestly, Toyota is one of my fave three car companies, mainly because they make GREAT vehicles. Sorry if you are tired of their commercial... maybe the problem is that you are listening to the radio too much. They probably don't intend for you to hear that commercial as many times as you do, but that problem is definitely one that is easily fixable!!! Good luck on the job hunt!

Actually, this statement was pretty much made in jest. The thing is, I've listened to the radio exactly one time in the past month. That was coming back from the Bama-UCLA game on Saturday night, listening to the post-game show. And the Toyota radio commercial came on eight, count 'em, eight times during that span! Twice in each commercial break! And Ricky and Tammy will back me up on this one. They heard the screams. :) So I feel justified in my mock-dislike of Toyota.

In a capitalistic society, a company has the option of making consumers aware of its product. It is then the decision of the consumer to decide if he is in favor or against this information.

Well, considering all of the facts, I will definitely have to conclude that, although the foot-in-mouth syndrome is common to me, I dislike it any time the symptoms start to act up. It is also very distasteful to me and those around me. Sorry about that, BG!

I hadn't really expected this entry to garner so much response. Not that that's a bad thing...CYP...? I don't understand...

Y'all should know that, in addition to the aforementioned torture on the way home from Tuscaloosa, Tammy and I were further subjected to said commercial in TV form on Sunday and Monday.'s a commercial. All commercials are evil. We shouldn't just complain or talk about one!!! They're all annoying!!!!!!! AHhhhh.....

I love what you do for me. Toyota!