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Hey from Ricky's...

I realize that I haven't been updating a whole lot since I've gotten back to Birmingham. I don't have Internet access anywhere but when I come over to Ricky's. That should change soon, though.

Things have not gone well in the job search. I went to Kindred today, and found out that they had hired someone else for the position that they had originally offered me. So we're back at square one, unfortunately...

Anyone out there interested in hiring me? Jump to the résumé.


Well, BG, I would hire you, but there are a couple of reasons why I can't: 1) I don't have any money, and 2) You are way too EA for my own good! Hope the job search gets better. I will be praying for you!

Sorry to hear about the job. If I struck it rich tomorrow with some technological invention, I'd be sure to hire you to do all the computer sciency stuff. But, then I don't even have a patent, so be sure to keep looking and praying and looking. I'm with Crystal on this one, I'll be praying for you. ;o)