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accessibility check bookmarklets

If you are interested in designing accessible web sites, you might find these bookmarklets helpful. They use Bobby to check your browser's current page for accessibility issues.

Just click on the link(s) that you're interested in and drag it to your bookmarks or links toolbar and it should be added automatically. I've tested these with NN4/Win, IE5/Win and Mozilla - they should work in all three. Please let me know if something doesn't seem to work correctly or if you test them on a different OS/browser combination.


got the link to here from zeldman - like so many others no doubt. thanks for these man, saves a tonne of time and we know how important that is!!! keep doing your thing!

Also got here from Zeldman, these work fine in IE5Mac on Mac OS X too

Funnily enough, I had some of these lurking around in my own favelets (as I likes to call 'em) but they never made it on to my site which I shamelessley plug here on the basis that you good folks are: * interested in accessibility * like using favelets/bookmarklets Here's the link: and you should find some of the accessibility-oriented scripts useful

They work also in Opera 6.04/Win has acquired Bobby, which means that you now have to change all references from to This is, to my memory at least, the second time this has happened. It would have been child's play to automatically redirect requests made to the old URL, but they decided against it, so all the old links to Bobby validation no longer work. Fortunately the syntax is the same, so if you change the hostname to '' the bookmarklets will work again. Thanks again for these most excellent tools!

Thanks for the tip. I've updated the bookmarklets to reflect the new URL.

Bobby's own site does not comply with it's own accessibilty requirements!!! So where does that leave the rest of us?