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sleep deprivation aid

It happened again last night.

Once again, I sat upright in bed, a victim for the third time in the past two weeks of the same problem.

During the course of the night, my tongue will come into contact with my palate, also known as the roof of my mouth. I'm sure that this is a normal occurrence. However, sometimes my tongue is very dry, and will not want to let go of the roof of my mouth. This, of course, cuts off approximately all of my breathing ability if I'm breathing through my mouth while I sleep.

Which, apparently, I often do. So, not being able to breathe, I'll wake up, take a breath through my nose, and find my tongue again welded to my palate.

This, of course, leads to an obvious course of action. I have to Teflon®-coat my tongue.

I need to get in touch with the DuPont people to see about how to do that...


Yes, but how do you get it to stick to your tongue?

You could use the time in the middle of the night to be productive, and do things like, I don't know, email people back now and then... :)

If the Teflon works, let me know if it interferes with eating. It might be a good diet aid...

Brandon, Have you tried sleeping with a humidifier or put a sports bottle that you could squirt water into your mouth real quick. I had this problem when I moved to Denver for the summer. Leslie