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A few more quick notes from this past week, thrown in with some random randomness for all:

First and foremost, I've got to say that I'm really glad that ESPN finally debuted Playmakers tonight, because that means they'll stop their advertising blitz, and if I hear that "She was rollin' along" deal one more time, I think that I shall take a page from the Sports Guy and light myself on fire.

Speaking of which, I learned tonight that Omar Gooding is one of the actors on this show. Some of you might know him as Cuba Gooding, Junior's brother. I knew him first though on the old Nickelodeon series Wild & Crazy Kids. It's really weird seeing someone who used to get way too excited about kids in a giant pie fight playing a drug-addicted star running back. First Zack Morris, now this...I guess Annette Chavez and Donnie Jeffcoat weren't available for comebacks. And, yes, I had to look up their names.

And now, to the life story; I'm now a second-year grad student officially, as I had my first class today. Well, the first one I wasn't responsible for teaching, anyway. It doesn't look like it's going to be too bad. Even better, I was looking through my library of computer science books, and it turns out that I've already got one of the two books that we can use for the course, saving me somewhere on the order of $100 for a new one. I knew not selling my books back would come in handy one of these days...

Speaking of teaching, I've had one class so far, and all I had to do was the overview of the course. Nevertheless, I had like 12 people come up afterwards to ask questions. It's really strange being the one fielding questions instead of asking them. I guess it's just one more thing to get used to if I'm going to be a professor one day. I'll be giving my first real lecture tomorrow...

A quick side note: 50-minute class periods are a lot easier to sit through when you've been through an entire summer's worth of 65-minute periods.

Kelly's doing well, and even better, she's coming up to visit this weekend! The update has been changed accordingly. Huzzah!

Got to play golf for the first time in a while last night with a few guys from church. I shot 97 on a par 60, which isn't that good, but is still my best-ever score relative to par. What's more, I shot a 44 on the back 9 (par 30), far and away my best-ever effort relative to par. I had a stretch of six holes that I played at bogey or better. This doesn't sound like much to the good golfers in the crowd, but it's a big plus for me. Updated the golf page accordingly. I'm hoping that it will turn into a somewhat regular game...we all had a good time. I even got to see someone hit a ball twice on one shot and send it 20 yards behind him, which was a first. I couldn't really laugh too much, though...he had the only two birdies of the entire foursome.

So that's life in a nutshell over the last couple of days...I'll try to keep updating, but I can't promise anything. Life will continue to be pretty busy over the next few months, especially as my research efforts ramp up. But I've got to go for now. I'm exhausted.


I need that playmakers song, it's still stuck in my head even after episode 2!