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It's back!

Tonight, Kelly and I will be joining Ricky and Tammy for the 6th 1122 Productions Flannel Quest! This will be the first FQ in three years, and the first ever to include my significant other in the mix, which I must say I'm happy about. :)

It's already a good time for flannel, as it's already starting to get colder up here. Right now 90% of my cold weather clothing is packed up, so it would be nice to have something to wear around the house right now before I can get down to Gainesville and get my winter wear. But mainly it's an excuse to get together and relive some old traditions (and who knows...maybe even start some new ones).

Watch this space (and the aforementioned flannel page) for the report on the trip. And as for the "coming soon" on the 2001 might have to wait a bit longer. I don't even remember anything about it! :)


Here's something that even Kelly and Deborah didn't know about me until now: In 1974, I wore a brown flannel shirt/jacket over a black wool turltleneck in lieu of a sports jacket, shirt & tie, to the annual 91st Missile Wing Officers Fall Party at the Minot AFB Officers Club - and got away with it! Of course, I was a 2nd Lieutenant (people make allowances for butterbars, just as they do for small children, dogs, and village idiots), not to mention that this was the early '70s, at Minot, North Dakota, where polyester leisure suits were the height of fashion. So, I think I actually showed relatively good taste. By the way, I have never owned or worn a leisure suit.