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prepping for a pup

I don't think that I've made an official announcement on the site yet, but we're getting a dog. True to my desire from long ago, it will be a chocolate lab, and we're naming it London, after Jack London.

Yes, I know some of you are asking, "Why not a husky?" Well, I love huskies, too. In fact, I'd probably put it second on my list of favorite dogs. The problem is, we live in Alabama, not Alaska. And it's just so warm in summer. But there's also another issue - huskies aren't as easily trainable. I want to make sure that we can get a well-trained dog the first time around. And what better dog than a Lab for easily-trained?

There is a downside to the Lab, and it relates to size. Kelly hasn't had a large dog before, and trying to deal with one, especially as boisterous as a Lab, can be intimidating at first. So we asked the breeder for one that's a little more laid-back.

So we've got most of the basics now - a crate, toys, barriers...about the only thing that I can think of right now that we haven't gotten are food and water bowls. We'll be getting him in about 2 1/2 weeks, and we can't wait!


Checklist: Crate Toys Barriers Food & water bowls Leash and training collar Pooper scooper (extra large)