February 1-14, 2001

2/14/2001 5:30 PM

Happy Valentine's Day to all. If you love someone, let them know it. This day, and all others.

2/13/2001 5:00 PM

Added the work in process section, highlighting a little bit about current projects I'm working on off-site.

2/13/2001 1:20 AM

Heh heh. When it rains, it pours.

Solving the "I can't deal by clicking on the deck" problem in my solitaire game just a few minutes ago made me think of something else that I've noticed that could easily be fixed...the dreaded "I want to click on a card to remove it, but grab and drop it instead" bug! The fix was practically the same as for the other one.

So once again, uploaded the game...we're now up to Solitaire version 1.21. Wouldn't it be cool if software companies put out revisions of their programs that quickly? :)

2/13/2001 12:40 AM

I solved the "I can't deal by clicking on the deck" problem! And the answer was much simpler than I thought it would be. Anyway, I tweaked a couple of other things while I was at it, and the result is Solitaire version 1.2! Never let it be said that I don't listen to users. Glad to see that so many people are playing and enjoying the game. Keep sending those bugs and suggestions in!

2/12/2001 6:45 PM

A little tweak made to Java solitaire was made. Should speed up the loading time a little bit.

2/11/2001 9:45 PM

Added an insane thought on interesting revelations in life.

2/11/2001 2:45 PM

After church today, I ran into a friend at the grocery store who said that she had played the solitaire game. She asked me, "Why isn't there a deck? I need a deck!"

To which I asked myself, "Yeah, why isn't there a deck?"

So I came home and quickly wrote version 1.1 of the game. It features a clickable deck (you can use it now instead of the button to deal four cards if you wish), a "cards left" count, and a process where the game automatically checks if there are no more plays left. Enjoy!

2/10/2001 1:15 PM

I set up the solitaire game so that it opens in a new window. The resulting game is a lot more convenient to play in a browser. In addition, I figured that now that I had a "playtime" section, what's this? belonged in there too, so I moved it there.

2/10/2001 12:00 AM

It's done!

To the great joy of many people at the BCM, including myself, I've finished my Java version of the solitaire game "Idiot's Delight". You can play it here. There's now a permanent link to it over on the right side menu under "playtime" as well. Give the card images a little bit to load...it took about 15 seconds on my connection.

This was a labor of love, by far the biggest Java programming initiative I'd ever taken, and it was actually really enjoyable. I'd forgotten just how much fun it is to write programs that do interesting things, and how frustrating it is when something's not right, and how cool it is when they finally actually work. :) Anyway, enjoy!

2/9/2001 12:00 PM

Worked until 5 this morning on the Java project. You know that it's going along pretty well and I don't want to stop when that happens. :) It's been a good way to refresh (and increase) my Java skills, among other things.

It's actually quite funny. I got a couple of people last night asking me how the project was going. People really want me to finish this. :)

Congratulations to my friends Johnna and Jared (both of whom make their second appearance on the site with this mention, by the way) on their engagement.

2/8/2001 6:10 PM

A couple of quick additions to the site: a new insane thought and the "work in process" section on this page, which highlights things that I'm working on off-site that will one day be added to pressing on. Eventually, the "work in process" section will have its own page, but I don't have time to code it right now. :)

Included is some information about the Java program I've been working on. It's still got a ways to go, but it's getting there, slowly and surely. I didn't realize just how little I retained from my Java class...

2/8/2001 12:00 AM

It should not be 75 degrees in February in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Something is most definitely amiss here...

Applied a couple of cosmetic touches to the fight song lyrics site. And the work on the Java project continues...

2/7/2001 1:00 AM

A long day of converting over 100 résumés from Word 2000 to HTML format lies ahead of me tomorrow. You've just gotta love Microsoft. Who else would save what should be a 2K HTML file in about 40K? Gotta love HTML Tidy.

2/6/2001 1:30 AM

Just finished up my homework for tomorrow morning. Thought that I was going to have to get up and print it at the lab, because my printer cartridge was out of ink. Then I spotted it...an unused cartridge! Man, I love getting an extra 30 minutes or so of sleep.

Work continues on the Java project. What will it be? Keep watching for details on how it's coming.

2/5/2001 5:00 PM

Behind-the-scenes work has started on a major time-waster. A chance to brush up on the old Java skills...more to come.

2/5/2001 1:00 PM

Reality Radio is off the radio airwaves. Too bad, really. It was a pretty good station. I listened to it all the time during the summer when I commuted to Birmingham.

Ricky tells me that the new station that took its place is a top-40 station. That's good. We can't have too many of those...(eyes roll)

2/5/2001 12:45 AM

Valentine's Day is not too far away. Not too sure what to do, guys? Read How to be Romantic for some ideas. Well, not really for ideas, but it is pretty good for a few laughs.

2/4/2001 1:45 PM

Finished up what ended up being a huge, long-needed update to the fight song lyrics site. My backlog of mail is almost entirely gone. :)

2/4/2001 1:45 AM

Man, I love HomeSite. The more I learn about it, the more I like it. Playing around with it tonight, I discovered a couple of nifty little features that hopefully will help me update the fight song lyrics site very quickly in the future by automating my having to add HTML tags. To test the new findings out, I added two more songs.

2/3/2001 1:10 PM

A big update was made to the fight song lyrics site, which has hit the 400 song mark! Check there for details.

2/3/2001 9:35 AM

Seven hours of sleep last night. I'm almost giddy with joy. And I'm not kidding.

2/2/2001 4:15 PM

Added a new thought on the power of teaching.

2/2/2001 7:15 AM

"Rise and shine, campers, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today." - DJ Announcer, Groundhog Day

And it's official, by the way...he saw his shadow.

2/1/2001 11:45 PM

What kind of friend am I? I completely forgot about Ricky's birthday until two days after the fact! Agh! Well, happy birthday anyway. You're 23 now too. Ain't it grand? :)

Of course, you forgot to tell me about the new bundle of joy in the family, so maybe it's even. Okay, it's still not even. Listen, I'll get you something extra nice, okay?

2/1/2001 8:50 AM

Rabbit rabbit, or, if you prefer, pinch, punch, first of the month, and no returns of any kind.

A brief synopsis of my last few hours...

2:00 AM - Pop wide awake in bed. No good reason why.
3:00 AM - Still wide awake. Try to get sleepy by doing some homework.
3:30 AM - homework done, still wide awake. Trudge back to bed.
4:00 AM - I've looked at this clock at least a million times...
5:20 AM - I'm drifting...drifting...

7:30 AM - The alarm goes off. Me: (caterwauling sound)