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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

graduation day!

Tonight was London's graduation night from puppy school. He had to pass his final exam, which consisted of "watch me" (my biggest concern, but he got it on his second attempt), sit-stay, down-stay (he's a pro at both), "leave it" (he grabbed the off-limits treat the first time, but it was after leaving it for a little bit; he got it right the next time), and come when called. He had to shake to get his diploma.

Here he is, in his cap! No gown, though...

Later on, he discovered the joy of the papasan chair in the office. I like the way that it looks like he's got a prehensile tail he's using for balance.

He likes rubber balls a lot better than tennis balls, and we do too (they last longer and they don't abrade his teeth over the long run like tennis balls would). Here he is, chomping down on one while in the papasan.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

a couple more pics

Taken the day our fence was completed. That's a tired dog right there.

Relaxing for a bit with Aunt Bode.

Notice the paw sticking out from under the cushion?

I remember the days when he took up maybe half of a cushion...