Over the course of the years my webpage has been in existence, it's had a million different looks and a million different sections. The purpose of this section is to present some of those pages that I'm not planning on ever updating again. I figure someone, somewhere, especially if you're an old-school friend of mine, might want to see these. Besides, it's not like we're running low on server space or anything.

I'm hoping on getting the TSS Homepage back on here at some point. I know I saved it on a disk or ZIP disk somewhere, but I haven't come across it yet.

I didn't edit most of these pages when I put them into the archive, so some of the [back] buttons and such won't work...just use the ones in your browser like you probably do anyway.

Bobby's LoveFest



The TSS Takeover

Open Letters

The Old Guestbook Entry Form



The Story That Goes Nowhere

About Me

Signature Page

Ricky's OfficeSpeak Translator

What You Think

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