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Parents Protest Distractions at VHHS
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Back in the day, Ricky and Bobby were infamous for singing their rendition of Happy Birthday for Tenor Section Sweethearts, friends, visiting dignitaries, and supermodels everywhere. It includes those "unique" harmonies that only two such incredible talents can offer.

Now, after digging through our sound archives, we're pleased to offer you the only known recording of this extraordinary musical event. This one was recorded May 23, 1996, a Thursday afternoon the boys were enjoying free just before graduation from high school.

Click here to hear it (363k)
The Dynasty
reprinted with permission from Sports Illustrated
Obviously, when you put two jocks like Bobby West and Ricky Eanes on the same team in any sport, you're going to get some incredible results. Such was the strategy of the illustrious basketball program of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church. The program drew some of the top names in church basketball from around the nation, which was unfortunate for the likes of Shades Mountain and Green Valley.

The Twin Towers, as they came to be known, made their way through the various leagues, a myriad of coaches was brought in to try and bring the other players up to their level. Clearly, this couldn't work, but Bobby was quoted as saying, "With the likes of Tenacious Terry and Don Minton deciding on who plays when, we were unstoppable!"

Ricky's most memorable moment on the court came during a game against Westwood his sophomore year, when he achieved the only triple-triple of his career. "It wasn't easy for me to score 117 points in such a short game," Ricky says of the accomplishment, "It definitely took a team effort." Those points only complemented the 102 blocked shots and 774 rebounds he also recorded in the game.

Bobby's patented kamikaze play, which led to the formation of Bobby Ball, brought about his most memorable moment. In an emotional game on the road against Shades Mountain, West actually got knocked down so much that he spent 95% of the game on the ground. Pretty impressive, when you consider he managed to drill 34 straight three-pointers from that position. "I guess I just got in a zone," says Bobby, who somehow pulled down 87 rebounds despite his not standing up.

The two credit the help of their teammates with their 56 game unbeaten streak, which stretched the entire length of their basketball careers. "They made a big difference," Ricky recalls, "Without them, we would've had to forfeit the games."

None of this would have been possible without a dedicated core of fans at each game. Particularly during the two's senior season, a host of girls came to cheer them on. Many of these also happened to be Tenor Section Sweethearts, so they supported the guys in lots of other ways as well.

So what do the guys have to say to summarize their incredible careers at Dawson? "I missed a foul shot one time in 9th grade!" Ricky insists, "But it was only in practice, and I had just dislocated both of my shoulders a few minutes earlier." Bobby notes that "People look different from foot-level" and "Chicks dig my defense".

Parents Protest Distractions at VHHS
reprinted with permission of The Vestavia Hills High School PTA Newsletter

Angry parents have flooded the school office with phone calls, letters, personal visits, and fruit cakes in recent weeks, citing the presence of Bobby West and Ricky Eanes at the school as "major causes of distraction" for their teenage daughters. Wrote one mother, "How can I expect my daughter to walk down the hall without running into the water fountain, much less concentrate and learn in class, with those pillars of sexiness in the same school?"

Of course, such concerns are far from new. West and Eanes, now seniors, have had to deal with these issues before. Once during their freshman year, several cheerleaders were given detention for throwing trash cans all over the cafeteria and making a mess. They later explained that they were trying to find a styrofoam cup they had seen both guys take a sip out of. "Do you like have like any idea like how much we could like have sold that for, like ya know?". In another incident, during a pep rally, the two were mobbed by hundreds of screaming girls. The school was forced to bring in the National Guard for crowd control at all future pep rallies and assemblies.

Vestavia Hills High School, long known for its tradition of excellence in academics, has seen its test scores, particularly among its females, drop severely in the four years Eanes and West have been enrolled. Parents are attributing this fact directly to the students' constant daydreaming and giggling caused by their presence. The school's basketball coach was also fired for not heavily recruiting the two, who instead opted to play church league basketball.

So what should be done about the situation? "We just want to be treated like ordinary students," stated West. Eanes reflects, "I've always wondered what it would be like to be a normal student... not really well known for anything...just kinda blended into the crowd." Since these ideas are obviously impossible, Principle Mr. Gross has contemplated other ideas. "The school board killed the idea of building them a separate school, and they don't want at-home tutors. We considered turning VHHS into an all-boys school, but then we remembered about the guys in show choir. We decided that the best alternative is to milk this thing for all it's worth, so we will now be charging $10 a day per student to sit in the same class with either of them. This should raise enough money to allow us to tear down the residential neighborhood of Tanglewood and replace it with another parking lot."
Hitting It Big

Once in a while, even Bobby and Ricky are starstruck when meeting celebrities. Here they got their picture taken with Carol Jordan, niece of former NBA star Michael Jordan, while at a charity fundraiser for the NBA players during the lock-out. When not busy defending her WNBA MVP title, Carol likes to voice her opinions and play ALL kinds of music on her nationally syndicated radio show.

Bobby, Carol, and Ricky
Amy, Ricky, & Bobby The Big Date with Lipsey

After years of stalking and generally admiring the hottest girl in the world (that being Amy Lipsey, obviously), Bobby and Ricky finally got their big chance one day. The two guys needed a date for a big formal fundraiser for their Save Crystal Pepsi charity. Instead of finding two different girls to escort to this incredible event, the two decided to both take Lipsey and donate the saved money to the charity. Amy jumped at the chance to spend the evening with the two guys who got her career started.

Of course, Ricky and Bobby were not content with a generic dinner and a movie date. They searched for something that would really blast off this wonderful date, so they arranged a private viewing in Cape Canaveral of a shuttle launch. As you can see from the above picture, Amy is all smiles as Ricky kisses her on the cheek and Bobby attempts to suck an eyelash out of Amy's eye.

Our First Ad

Being the incredibly well-known public figures that they are, Bobby and Ricky are often asked to endorse products and do ads for them. Because of their strict standards and busy schedules, though, they turn most of these down. This is the first print ad that the two made together.

Milk Ad
You know, there's really no need to even put a caption on this picture. Now you know who really wears the cumberbund in this relationship. Weird Tux Picture

Lovin' On Paris Mountain

On my recent road trip with Todd to visit Bobby at Furman, the three of us got bored one night. Actually, we weren't bored so much as we were hiding from the people we had just shot with water guns. At any rate, Bobby decided to show us this cool place called Paris Mountain.

Paris Mountain is, well, a mountain. It's got a really pretty view of the city and the most windy road to get there I've ever been on. We were cruising up toward the top in Todd's new Jimmy when Bobby made a crack about how there would probably be some high-schoolers parked up there making out. Knowing we were going to a rather dark, pretty, and out-of-the-way place, we agreed with him and prepared ourselves to be unwanted chaperones.

When we finally got to our destination at the top, as expected, we saw a white pickup truck with a couple being rather friendly. We decided to back up and go somewhere else, but as we backed up, the car's lights turned on. Apparently we had spoiled the mood and they were leaving.

The road was narrow, so we backed up and moved aside to allow the truck to pass and leave. It was then that our moment of horror occurred. As the vehicle passed in front of our headlights, we noticed that IT WAS TWO GUYS!

Not totally believing our eyes, we headed back toward the top but noticed that the truck had stopped just past where we were and one of the guys had gotten out. We hauled it back up to the top and sat in the car contemplating how crappy it would be to get beat up by two gay guys (they were rather large).

Fortunately, they never came back to the top. Later on, a harmless heterosexual high-school couple showed up and we decided to be nice and leave, but that story's just not as funny.