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This is me and Danielle Young from Caedmon's Call. Unfortunately for me, she's happily married, but I'll get over it.
The Boys
This is me & the boys in New Orleans my senior year of high school. Clockwise from back left, that's Matt, Bobby, this hot chick we met, Todd, Sinkar, and me.
This would be Carol giving me a piggyback ride at the bowling alley. As if you couldn't figure that out...
Snow bed
Here we have Todd, Bobby, and myself (left to right) in bed together during a snowstorm. Any questions?
This is a picture of me and my friend Anita. She's at Ole Miss now. To all my other friends who are wondering why I have a picture of her on here and not you, she bugged me about it more frequently than you did. :)
Ronald and Me
Yes, I believe in magic. I've always got a friend wearing big red shoes.
The other guy is some dude from Tennessee named Marco. He sorta jumped into the picture at the last minute.
Puppet Love
This is a picture of myself and one of my many women. I haven't seen her in a long time, and it really hurts. I thought we had something special. Maybe I was too controlling... she always seemed to only say what I wanted her to say and do what I wanted her to do.
This is a guy I met on a park bench in Boston. Nice fellow, but he sure didn't say much.
Those Evil Spades People
Here's what used to be known as The Card Groupies...we were known for playing Spades up at the BCM a lot, especially every Thursday night. Clockwise from bottom left, there's Karey, me, Brandon, and Jennifer.
Me, Pamela, and Candy
Here's a nice picture of me, a friend of mine that used to go to school at UA with me named Candy, and our dear friend Pamela.
Mountain Group
This is from a mission trip I went on for Spring Break '99...this is our group on top of some mountain in the Appalacians.
Baby picture with curls
This is a good picture of me that shows off not only my accute fashion sense as a child, but also the long, curly hair I had.
Fat Baby
I was a rather pudgy little thing...
Little Slugger with a Spoon
You'll see more of this Little Slugger outfit later...I'm wearing it in like half of my baby pictures. Don't ask what was up with the spoon...
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