Putt Putt

Top 10 Reasons Why Tammy is Cooler Than Your Girlfriend

  1. She can fit into both my suitcase and my clothes hamper.
  2. She knows that Mountain Dew is much better than Mellow Yellow or Surge.
  3. She can find her way around Honolulu and all of Oahu better than anyone who doesn't live there.
  4. She lets me call her Spammy sometimes.
  5. She sings to breakfast foods (the classic "Rock-a-by Bagel")
  6. She's a bookworm, although I'm still not sure if romance novels count.
  7. She likes to act out plays with Gummi Bears.
  8. She throws softballs like a shot-put and still manages to get it to the pitcher.
  9. On the weekends, she turns into a Super-Hero and fights crime.
  10. She can make this face: silly face

This picture is fake

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