October 25, 2004

pictures page is live!

There are a few pictures of us up now on the pictures page. See us dressed like Pac-people! You know you wanna!

Posted by Brandon at 06:45 PM

October 21, 2004


Hello, everyone! Welcome to our online presence! I've been hard at work (cough, cough) working on the first pieces of this site, and now I think that everything's ready to go now.

If you're interested in Kelly and I and how we're doing as far as the wedding is concerned, this will be the place to check! In the upcoming months, you'll be able to read entries from both of us about our wedding preparations made in two cities 250 miles apart, to be culminated in yet another city. (No stress...none at all...)

You'll also be able to take a look at the events leading up to the special date, including how we first met, our first "date", and the proposal. Hopefully, both of us will be able to write it from our individual perspectives...it's always more fun that way, don't you think? There will be information about each of us, and some pictures as well.

And of course, there will be wedding information here. As we get everything in place, we'll put up information about the whos, wheres, and whens of our wedding.

So bookmark the site, as the next 6+ months are going to be interesting. :)

Posted by Brandon at 10:21 PM