May 21, 2005

a few pics, and the honeymoon log

Hi, everyone! We're back, of course, and in the midst of getting the apartment cleaned up and buying bedroom furniture, we're trying our best to get wedding/honeymoon stuff ready to go for the site. This is the first installment - a few of the reception pictures (which can be found under the pictures page) and the honeymoon log (which can be found permanently on the timeline page).

Due to popular demand (hi, moms!), here 's the honeymoon, in written form.

Posted by Brandon at 07:55 PM

May 06, 2005

the last entry of a bachelor

I'm back in my room, ready to go to bed and get some sleep for tomorrow.

I'm not really nervous at all. I had expected to be somewhat, but it's not the case. I have a theory: I only get nervous about things where I don't know the outcome.

Admittedly, given the recent news, it's hard not to have at least a little thought like that running through the back of your mind. But I'm not running, and she's not either. We've waited too long to run now, and we don't want to run anyway.

The past couple of days have been surreal; being the one who's actually the focal point (well, she's really the focal point; I'm just along for the ride) in a wedding is kind of strange. It's been hectic; that's what happens when you forget every dress shirt and pair of khakis you intended to bring with you, forcing you to make a frantic run to the mall in between everything else. It's been tiring; a lot of driving in the past week alone, not to mention getting here, and the aforementioned running around will do that to you, and I don't even know what Kelly's had to undergo.

And yet, tomorrow will be one of the best days of our lives to this point.

To my beautiful bride: when you read this, we'll have said our vows. Hopefully, we'll have said them correctly, without stumbling over them, but that's not important. The point is that we'll have meant them. There are words that may equal the trueness of those I shall recite tomorrow, but I don't believe there can be words that surpass them.

Love, honor, and cherish...

In sickness and in health...

For richer or for poorer...

As long as we both shall live.

You are the love of my life. I believe you're the biggest reason God brought me to the place we'll say our vows tomorrow. You're a Christ-like example of what I aspire to be in so many ways. I don't know how I can express everything that you've meant to me through the time we've had together so far, but I'm glad that I've got the rest of my life to attempt to do so.

This website is named "God's Perfect Timing", a reminder of the fact that some of the time we don't understand why things are the way they are; we simply know that in God's time, it will come together. I waited 25 years to find you. I waited almost two years for us to be in the same city again. But God knew what he was doing.

Now, tomorrow we will be husband and wife. That sounds strange, and wonderful, and exciting, and at the same time is a lot to live up to on both of our parts. But I believe that with Christ at the center - the best couples are threesomes, after all - we can make our time together full of love, joy and memories. I will do everything I can to make you happy, and I know that you feel the same way towards me.

I'm going to bed now. Hopefully, I can get six or so hours of sleep, and this scratch in my throat won't turn into anything more. But even if that doesn't turn out to be the case, tomorrow will still be the first day of our life together, and that is enough to make me smile as I drift off to sleep tonight.

I love you, Kelly.

Posted by Brandon at 11:59 PM