The Bride

Kelly Griffith was born in Dayton, Ohio, but spent most of her childhood in Niceville, Florida. She attended the University of Florida and graduated with a degree in physcology in 2003. After this, she spent a year as the Interim Director of the Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Florida Atlantic University. She currently resides in Niceville.

Kelly's interests include drama (in high school, she was part of a state-champion drama team) and mentoring youth. Always willing to try new things, she has done everything from singing a duet in public to learning to play golf.

Kelly's eventual goals include earning her seminary degree and either going on to complete a doctorate or becoming a full-time college minister. She'd tell you herself: she's not completely sure yet!

Kelly knows more about football than the average human female. Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride. She likes roads with overhanging branches.