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Lyrics to College Fight Songs


"Old Wabash"

From the hills of Maine to the western plain,
Or where the cotton is blowing;
From the gloomy shade of the northern pine,
To the light of the southern seas;
There's a name held dear and a color we cheer
Wherever we find it glowing;
And the tears will rise to our longing eyes
As it floats on the evening breeze.

When the day is done and the western sun
Is painting in flashing glory;
Across the skies with gorgeous dyes
The color we love so well;
We love to sit as the shadows flit
And praise it in song and story;
We love to shout as the light dies out
A good old Wabash yell.

Our prayers are always thine, our voices and hearts combine,
To sing thy praise when future days shall bring thy name before us.
When college days are past, as long as life shall last,
Our greatest joy will be to shout the chorus.....

Dear Old Wabash, thy loyal sons shall ever love thee,
And o'er thy classic halls, the Scarlet flag shall proudly flash.
Long in our hearts, we'll bear the sweetest mem'ries of thee,
Long shall we sing thy praises, OLD WA-BASH!

Wake Forest

O' Here's to Wake Forest
A glass of the finest
Red ruby rhenish filled up to the brim
Their sons they are many
Unrivaled by any
Who's hearts overflowing we will sing a hymn
Rah, Rah, Wake Forest, Rah
Old Alma Mater sons are we
We'll herald the story and die for her glory
Old Gold and Black is ever waving high.

"Bow Down to Washington"

Bow down to Washington,
Bow down to Washington.
Mighty are the men who wear the purple and the gold
Joyfully we welcome them within the victor's fold
We will carve our name in the hall of fame
To preserve the memory of our devotion.

So, heaven help the foes of Washington
They're trembing at the feet of mighty Washington
Our boys are there with bells,
Their fighting blood excels,
It's harder to push them over the line
Than pass the Dardenelles.

So, victory's the cry of Washington
Our leather lungs together with a rah, rah, rah!
And o'er the land, the loyal band will
Sing the glory of Washington forever!

"Victory for Washington"

Hail Husky,
Once again the Band is playing for Husky conquest.
Hail Husky,
As the cheering crowd is swaying, chanting again.
The fighting refrain for vict'ry:
FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! For Washington! RAH!

Vict'ry for Washington,
For the purple and the gold!
Vict'ry for Washington,
Hear the Husky cry of old - To Win!
The Husky pack is fighting on again,
Hear our loyal rooters sing,
Vict'ry for Washington,
Our Alma Mater shall ring!

Washington (MO)
"Fight 'Em Washington"

Alma Mater's sons and daughters
Hail our fighters tried and true
As Pikers all we stand or fall
Beside our gallant crew
And with ringing bells and shouts and yells
We'll help our team along
Fight 'em Pikers while we carry on the song

Fight 'em Washington
Break thru that line again
Each yard more
Rolls up the score
For dear old Varsity
Back 'em down the field
One plunge will make 'em yield
Fight 'em, Fight 'em, Fight 'em on to victory.

When the wh-wh-wh-wh-whistle
Starts the ball across the green
There's a ba-ba-ba-ba-battle
Such as never has been seen
And it's si-si-simply awful
How the Pi-Pi-Pikers roll
Past all op-op-opposition to the goal.

Washington and Lee
"Washington and Lee Swing"

Come cheer for Washington and Lee,
We're going to win another victory!
The White and Blue we will ever wave in triumph
For the University. RAH! RAH! RAH!
Fight to the finish we are with you,
Break through the line on every play;
Rush the ball on down the field
And we will win this game today.

When Washington and Lee's men fall in line,
We're going to win again another time;
For W&L I yell, I yell, I yell,
And for the University, I yell, like hell!
And we will fight! fight! fight! for every yard;
Circle the ends and hit that line right hard!
And we will roll those Wahoos on the sod!
Yes, by God! RAH! RAH! RAH!

Washington State

Fight, fight, fight for Washington State!
Win the victory,
Win the day for Crimson and Gray!
Best in the West
We know you'll all do your best,
So on, on, on, on!
Fight to the end!
Honor and glory you must win!
So fight, fight, fight for Washington State and Victory!

"All Hail to Washington State"

All hail to Washington State,
Her Cougar Spirits inspire us.
Praises we'll gladly sing,
To honor her today.
All hail to Washington State,
Her glory leads on before us.
Courage will win for Crimson and the Gray.

Wayne State
"War March of the Tartars"

On to vic'try,
Marching down the field,
On the vic'try,
Our opponents yield.
On to vic'try,
Smash right through that line,
We are headed for that line,
Rah! Rah! Rah!
In the battle driving for a score.
Come the Tartars pushing to the fore.
They are fighting and we sing their praises
As they drive their way to victory.

Weber State
"We are the Wildcats"

We are the Wildcats...Scratching, Snarling
We're going to win this game.
Upward and onward fighting wildcats
With pride and honor on to fame.
We'll never quit 'til we have won
Our purple and white will reign.
We will scratch and snarl and show we rate
'Cause we are Weber State, Weber State...Great Great Great!!


And then it's fight for old Wesleyan,
Never give in.
Fight to the end when,
Might and right shall win.
So keep on fighting 'til victory.
'Til victory crowns everyone;
And then it's fight, fight, fight, fight;
For Welseyan!

West Texas A & M
"On, On Buffaloes"

On, on Buffaloes,
We are right for the fight tonight;
Hold that ball and hit that line,
Every buffalo will shine;
And then we'll fight for maroon and white,
And we'll roar for the old varsity;
We'll kick, pass and run
Till those (opponent's name) are done;
And we'll bring home the victory!
WTAM, Fight! Fight! Fight!

West Virginia
"Hail West Virginia"

Let's give a rah for West Virginia
And let us pledge to her anew,
Others may be black or crimson,
but for us it's Gold and Blue.
Let all our troubles be forgotten,
Let college spirit rule,
We'll join and give our loyal efforts
For the good of our old school.

It's West Virginia, It's West Virginia
The Pride of every Mountaineer.
Come on you old grads, join with us young lads,
It's West Virginia now we cheer!
Now is the time, boys, to make a big noise
No matter what the people say,
For there is naught to fear; the gang's all here,
So hail to West Virginia, Hail!

West Virginia State
"Hail To The Team"

Hail to the team boys,
Victory's the goal of our team today.
Hail to ole State girls,
West Virginia'll triumph all along the way.
Hail to the team whose conquering might
Brings fears to all foes they play,
Here's to the colors of Gold and Black
This is our vict'ry day.
Charge 'em, charge 'em, hit 'em hard and low.
Onward, onward, goal to goal we go.
Sock 'em, Rock 'em! Knock 'em! Sock 'em
Hail to the team boys,
Victory's the goal of our team today.
Hail to ole State girls,
West Virginia'll triumph all along the way.
Hail to the team whose conquering might
Bring fears to all foes they play,
Here's to the colors of Gold and Black

Western Carolina
"Fight on, You Catamounts"

Fight on! you Catamounts
Fight for purple and gold
Fight on to victory,
True warriors bold.
Wave the royal banner high,
And let it fill the western sky.
So fight on! you Catamounts,
Fight to victory.
Western! Western! Go...Western! Go...Cats!

Western Kentucky

Stand Up And Cheer,
Stand Up And Cheer For Dear Old Western
For Today We Raise
The Red And White Above The Rest
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Our Boys Are Fighting,
And We Are Bound To Win This Fray
We've Got The Team
We've got the Steam
For This Is Dear Old Western's Day!

Western Illinois
"We're Marching On"

We are marching on 'neath the Purple and Gold;
We are singing a song that will never grow old.
All the Sons and Daughters of Western today,
Go marching on.
W-E-S-T-E-R-N, Yea Western
Hail to Western, true and loyal,
We are here to win this day.
When you see those conqu'ring heroes,
Maching down the way RAH! RAH! RAH!
Ev'ry heart and voice will sing this melody of vict'ry song,
Fling out the Purple and Gold,
We're Marching On.

Western Michigan

Fight on, fight on for Western,
Take the ball, make a score, win the game,
Onward for the brown and gold,
Push 'em back, push 'em back,
Bring us fame!

Fight on, fight on for Western,
Over one, over all we will reign,
Fight, Broncos, fight,
Fight with all your might,
Western win this game!

Western State (CO)
"Western State Fight Song"

Fight, Fight, Fight, Western State,
Fight, Fight, Fight, Western State,
Fight on Western on to Victory,
We will back our team with loyalty.
Fight, Fight, Fight, Western State,
Fight, Fight, Fight, Western State,.
We will Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight on to Victory.

Western Washington
"Viking Victory March"

Come join the Vikings
Marching onward beneath the blue and white
With purpose steady
We will safely reach our goal,
And prove the Vikings' might.
Keep marching onward,
We stand united
With a courage undaunted brave and true,
We'll cheer Western Washington
Until every victory's won,
So Vikings, we're all for you.

"Go Poets!"

Go Poets, go
Move that ball right down the field.
Fight Poets, fight
With a will that cannot yield.
Win Poets, win
Bring glory to your name.
Go! Go! Whittier.
Fight! Fight! Whittier.
Win that game!


Wichita State
"Hail Wichita"

All Hail! Hai! Wichita
U Rah! Rah! Rah for Wichita
March onward, banners high
With courage, force that can never die.
Rah! We'll fight for Wichita
Brave spirits never fail
To Wichita all loyalty
Hail! Our varsity, triumphantly hail!

William and Mary
"Tribe Fight Song"

Oh, we will fight fight fight for the Indians
When the Big Green team appears.
We will yell like hell for the Indians
And they will heed our mighty cheers.
We will lead our team on to victory
And give a shout for the Indians bold
We'll have a Touchdown, Touchdown, Indians!
And raise the Green and Gold!

William Jewell College

Fight, fight, fight,
William Jewell.
Fight, fight, fight,
William Jewell Fight on
William Jewell to Victory
We will back our team
with Loyalty
Fight fight fight
William Jewell
Fight fight fight
William Jewell
We will Fight
Fight, Fight, Fight
Fight on to Victory.

"Yard By Yard"

Come all ye sons of Williams sing,
As we march on the field,
Cheer till the hills and valleys ring,
There's never a thought to yield.
We'll back the team thro' every game,
With them in every play,
Fling out the purple, hail!
For once again comes Williams' day.

Yard by yard we'll fight our way
Thro' Amherst's line,
Every man in every play,
Striving all the time.
Cheer on cheer will rend the air,
All behind our men.
And we'll fight for dear old Williams
And we'll win and win again.

"On Wisconsin"

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, plunge right through that line.
Run the ball clear down the field, touchdown sure this time.
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, fight on for her fame.
Fight, fellows, fight, fight, fight, we'll win this game.

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, stand up Badgers sing.
"Forward" is our driving spirit, loyal voices ring.
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, raise her glowing flame.
Stand, fellows, let us now salute her name.

"If You Want to be a Badger (Badger Ballad)"

If you want to be a badger,
Just come along with me,
By the bright shining light,
By the light of the moon.
If you want to be a Badger,
Just come along with me,
By the bright shining light the moon.

By the light of the moon,
By the light of the moon,
By the bright shining light,
By the light of the moon.
If you want to be a Badger,
Just come along with me,
By the bright shining light of the moon.

Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Eau Claire college dear, hail to thee our alma mater.
Strong through every year, carry high the Blue and Gold.
March right down that line, get the ball boys we're behind you.
On fellows fight tonight!
For fame and vic-to-ry!

Wisconsin-Green Bay

Hail to the Fighting Phoenix!
Rise up and light the flame.
Green Bay is the home of champions!
We're gonna win this game!
Hail to the Fighting Phoenix!
We're rising up to say,
FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! For a win tonight,
The champions from old Green Bay!

Wisconsin-La Crosse
"La Crosse"

We're going to cheer, La Crosse,
Because we're here, La Crosse,
Let us make it clear.
We're going to fight, La Crosse,
With all our might, La Crosse,
Victory is near.
So let's dig in, La Crosse,
We're going to win, La Crosse,
Go Maroon and Grey.
We're going to fight, win,
Show that we're the best
Because we are La Crosse, La Crosse.


Fight-Fight-Fight for UWM
Fight to the end,
Win it again
Fight-Fight-Fight for the Black and Gold
Our teams brave and bold
To victory we'll hold
Fight-Fight-Fight for UWM
Fight for her fame
We'll win this game
And when the panther on the prowl
gives a howl and a growl
We'll Fight-Fight-For UWM.

"Hail, Titans!"

Hail Titans! Hail Titans!
Sons strong and mighty of the U W O
Hail Titans! Hail Titans!
Titans to victory!
Let's go charging down the field,
Fighting Titans never yield;
For the Gold and the White
We will fight, fight! U-rah-rah!


Parkside Rangers hats off to thee,
Brave and strong united are we,
Heads held hight with spirit and pride,
Never daunted ever onward
Green and White will show us the way,
Banners flying triumph today,
So fight and fight and show your might
And lead us to victory,
Rah, Rah, Rah.


Come on you Pioneers of Platteville.
Come on you sons of orange and blue.
We are with you one and all,
Men of Platteville strong and tall.
You're the best team, we're for you.
Come on you Pioneers of Platteville.
Come on our heroes all by name.
We will Fight! Fight! Fight!
With all our might
And we'll win, win this game.

Wisconsin-Stevens Point
"On, On Stevens Point"

On, On Stevens Point!
We are ripe for the fight tonight,
Get that ball and toe that line,
Every Pointer star will shine,
So fight, fight, fight!
For the team that's right,
And we cheer on our ole' Varsity,
We will kick, pass and run
'till the battle is won,
And we'll bring home a victory!


Stand for our team.
For Stout we'll fight evermore.
And while we're fighting, we're cheering,
We're piling up a mighty score.
U! Rah! Rah!
Raise high our flag,
The ever valiant blue and white
For Alma Mater true,
For Stout we'll fight! Fight! Fight!

"Warhawk Battle Cry"

Warhawks, we're the Warhawks,
Shouting out our battle cry.
So beat the drum and let the trumpets blow, On to vic-to-ry Go! GO!
Warhawks, mighty Warhawks,
We are proud to bear that name
So take the ball again and Go, Whitewater Win this game. Go!

"Wofford College Fight Song"

Hail Wofford, Old Gold and Black
With poise and dignity
Prepare for a valiant attack
To claim thy victory
Sound the call for the battle
Salute the flag on the pole
Defend our founding father's name
By fighting for that goal!
Hail Wofford, Old Gold and Black
We're proud to claim your name
With honor and pride we attack
Now go and win this game!

Worcester State
"Proud Lancers"

We are the Lancers, very proud and true
Blue and Gold forever, that's our motto too
We fight, fight, fight, with all our might (to make things right)
Win or lose, we keep shining bright
For, we are the Lancers, very proud and true.

Our college with its song, makes us happy we belong
Looking at the future now, leads us on with courage strong.
For we are the Lancers, very proud and true
Worcester State forever, always serving you (serving just for you).

Wright State
"WSU Fight Song"

We are tough!
We are great!
We are Wright State!
We will defeat our every foe.
They will know (clap, clap, clap)
We are here (clap, clap, clap)
When we all stand up and cheer -
With our green and our gold,
Raiders onward.
We will fight right
and be true!
So let's go, fight, win.
Let the action begin.
We are W. S. U. !
R - A - I - D - E - R - S
Raiders are best! YES!

"Ragtime Cowboy Joe"

He always sings raggy music to his cattle as he swings
Back and forward in his saddle on a horse (pretty good horse!)
He's a syncopated gaiter
And you out to hear the meter to the roar of his repeater
How they run (yes run!)
When they hear him come, because the western folks all know,
He's a high fallutin', rootin' tootin'
Son of a gun from old Wyoming
Ragtime Cowboy, (talk about your cowboy), Ragtime Cowboy Joe.