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October 12, 2008

Visit To Grammy And Poppy's

Katelyn stayed with Grammy and Poppy while Ricky and I took a late anniversary trip to Mobile for a few days last week. It was our first trip without Katelyn. It was especially hard for me because I had never been away from her overnight before. Ricky had already experienced being away from Katelyn. I called a lot and we also did webcam a few times.

We had a wonderful time and it helped us to relax knowing that Katelyn was in good hands. She had a great time and Grammy and Poppy loved every minute. Katelyn played and played and learned how to go from her tummy to sitting up. She went to UAH park and saw the ducks and Grammy said it sounded like she said the word 'duck.' So funny! This visit has started some wonderful grandparent/grandchild memories.

Katelyn just laughed and smiled when we went to pick her up in Cullman on Sunday. We loved it. She just looked at her Daddy and smiled and smiled and then looked at her Mommy and belly laughed over and over again. She is such a joy!

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Posted by Tammy at 03:51 PM