Callaway Gardens
Pine Mountain, GA

April 21-22, 2007

Our trip to Callaway in the dead of winter a few months earlier left us wondering what the gardens looked like in the spring when everything was blooming.  We could not find time to go during the height of the blooms (we heard the azaleas peaked about three weeks before we were went), but we finally found time to go in late April.

We left early on Saturday morning and arrived just in time for lunch.  We ate at Chipley's Family Restaurant, was exactly as one would expect given the name.  While we were in downtown Pine Mountain (I use the word "downtown" very loosely), we stopped by the Visitor's Center to grab some more brochures (Tammy firmly believes that you can never have too many of them).  We spent some time in an antique shop that also had a used bookstore attached to it.  When then headed into the gardens for the afternoon.

Since we had already seen pretty much the entire gardens in December, we made it a point to not rush around this trip...we relaxed more and didn't feel like we had to see every little thing available.  Our first stop was Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden, where Tammy had found some great bird watching in December.  There were too many people there this time of year (as there were actually things growing this time), so there weren't many birds to be seen.  The weather was great, so we rented some bikes and biked around an area of the gardens where they have lots of bike trails.  We were both reminded how out of shape we are.  We cooled off by the lake at the Discovery Center, then left the gardens and checked in our hotel.  We played pool and had a snack in the lounge before heading to our room for a nap.

We headed back out for dinner, where we ate at Aspen Mountain Grill.  We managed to save just enough room for a milkshake at the Purple Cow Cafe.  Back at the hotel, we played pool some more and then played on the dark playground.

Sunday morning, we checked out and ate breakfast at the Callaway Country Kitchen.  We went back into the gardens and visited the horticultural center, the butterfly center, and a few other areas of the gardens.  We left the gardens and ate lunch at McGuire's Grill before heading back to Birmingham.

It was a quick but memorable trip.

Since most of the pictures are either of flowers, butterflies, or us, I decided to not labor over captions for each picture this time.

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