Creative Announcements

Of course, we couldn't just come right out and say "We're having a baby"...where's the fun in that?

Tammy's Family
The timing worked out perfectly so that we were in Huntsville for Tammy's dad's 60th birthday party right around the time that we wanted to announce.  After he was finished opening his presents, we gave him one last gift to open and told Tammy's mom that it was also for her.  Inside was a frame we bought that says "Grandma and Grandpa's Little Angel", and in the frame was a poem that we wrote.  Tammy's parents were too choked up to actually read the poem out loud, but everyone eventually figured out what was going on.
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Ricky's Family
We had a captive audience since we were at the beach with Ricky's family and were in charge of dinner on the first night that everyone was there.  As everyone was gathered to eat, Tammy slipped on a t-shirt we had made with a Baby On Board sign and walked in through the front door.
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Brandon and Kelly
We met Brandon and Kelly, our partners in 1122 Productions, for dinner at Panera Bread one night.  After stalling all the way through the meal, once everyone was done we gave them a draft of a company press release.
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We stopped by Andrea's to show her a flyer for a job opening...
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