Bad Love Poems
most of this is a product of my sophomore year of high do the math

co-authored by Brandon German

Look! There's a lonely cow
Hay! Cow!
If I were a cow, that would be me

If love is the ocean, I'm the Titantic.

Baby I burned my hand on
The frying pan of our love
But still it feels better
Than the bubble gum that hold us together
Which you stepped on

Mustard (#3)

Girl you make me feel
Like gum on the bottom of a desk
When you touch my nose
I'll never forget the way
You eat your frosty's

I need your love to keep me warm
Like the fires burning inside of us
Pushing us over the edge of insanity
Keeping us so close together in heart
And yet so far apart in miles

Surgery de Amor (#5)

Oh bag of love
You have such nice tonsils
Maybe I should remove
Your appendix as well

Purse Of Love (#9)
Girl you make me
Brush my teeth
Comb my hair
Use deodorant
Call you
You're so swell

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