The Words I Write

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I realize that a lot of people aren't big poetry be honest, I don't really like reading it much either. But I do enjoying writing it, so I do. Granted, there's a certain satisfaction from having someone else read something I wrote and say, "That's hilarious!" or "That's cool" or "I don't get it." But there's much more satisfaction in simply writing the poem, even if no one ever sees it. I guess it's finding a way to get emotions or thoughts down on paper. I've always tried my hardest to avoid the stereotypical teen angst poem.

I decided to put my poems on my web page to give people something to do on a rainy day. A hurricane couldn't get some people to appreciate it, and that's fine with me. If you do happen to read some and enjoy them, please let me know. There's a lot of emotion packed into a tight space on some of them, and it'd nice to know that someone else got something from it.

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