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College Football Rivalries

Air Force vs. Colorado State

Series Record: Air Force leads 24-18-1 (2004)

Akron vs. Kent

Series Record: Akron leads 26-19-2 (2004)
Trophy: The Wagon Wheel

Akron vs. Youngstown St.

Series Record: Youngstown St. leads 19-14-2 (1995)
Trophy: The Steel Tire

Alabama vs. Auburn

"The Iron Bowl"

Series Record: Alabama leads 38-30-1 (2004)
Trophy: Omicron Delta Kappa-James E. Foy V Sportsmanship Trophy
Notes: It's my personal favorite, and arguably the greatest rivalry in college football. This game literally stops a state. The teams didn't play from 1907 to 1948 because of various arguments between the schools. The trophy for this game isn't as important as the ownership of the state that comes with a win.

Alabama vs. Tennessee

"The Third Saturday in October"

Series Record: Alabama leads 43-37-7 (2004)
Trophy: No trophy, but the winning team gets victory cigars
Notes: This mid-season rivalry used to be played on the third Saturday of October every year until recently. The victory cigar tradition for Alabama was started in the Bear Bryant era; Tennessee took up the tradition for themselves in the 1990's.

Alabama A&M vs. Alabama State

"The Magic City Classic"

Series Record: Alabama State leads 29-28-3 (2001)
Notes: This game is always played in Birmingham; thus the name of "The Magic City Classic."

Alabama State vs. Tuskegee

"The Turkey Day Classic"

Series Record: Alabama State leads 38-32-3 (2001)
Notes: The Turkey Day Classic is the oldest of the black college football classics.

Albion (MI) vs. Olivet (MI)

Alcorn State vs. Jackson State

"Capitol City Classic"

Amherst vs. Williams

"The Biggest Little Game in America"

Series Record: Williams leads 66-45-5 (2001)
Notes: This is the oldest rivalry in NCAA Division III.

Appalachian State vs. Western Carolina

Trophy: The Old Mountain Jug

Arizona vs. Arizona State

"The Big Game"

Series Record: Arizona leads 44-33-1 (2004)
Trophy: The Territorial Championship Cup
Notes: The Territorial Cup was recently certified by the NCAA as the oldest prize given as part of a rivalry series. First given in 1899, the cup had been missing for fifty years until being recently discovered. The 2001 match-up will mark the re-introduction of the Cup as the trophy in this game. Before this, the teams played for "The Big Game Trophy", which itself merits a comment. It is an abstract sculpture that many people don't like. One of the coaches of the schools once said that he thought it should go to the loser of the game!

Arizona vs. New Mexico

Series Record: Arizona leads 43-18-3 (1997)
Trophy: The Kit Carson Rifle
Notes: This rivalry is now defunct.

Arkansas vs. LSU

Series Record: LSU leads 31-17-2 (2004)
Trophy: The Golden Boot
Notes: The "Golden Boot" is a trophy that bears the likenesses of the states of Arkansas and Louisiana. Put together, they look like a boot; hence the name. In the series for the "Golden Boot", LSU leads 8-3.

Army vs. Navy

"The Army-Navy Game"

Series Record: Series tied 49-49-7 (2004)
Trophy: None, but the winning players (for either side) get gold cloth stars to put on their letter sweaters for victories
Notes: While this is the most famous of the games, Army and Navy also both play Air Force. The one with the best record of games between the three gets the Commander-In-Chief trophy each year.

Auburn vs. Georgia

"The Oldest Rivalry in the Deep South"

Series Record: Auburn leads 52-48-8 (2004)
Notes: Like many other games, these two even argue about the overall record between the two teams. The schools played the first SEC overtime game in 1996. Both teams played their first College Football game against each other in 1892 in Atlanta, which Auburn won 10-0.