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College Football Rivalries

Updated December 6, 2004

The subject of rivalries is one of great interest to me, and since I couldn't find any other web page on the subject, I decided to make my own. I know that a lot of great rivalries are not on here, and as of yet I do not know a lot of the trophies that are given to the winners of the games. Also, a lot of the series records to these rivalries are disputed. I've drawn from several sources about records, and I try to put up disputed records when I know about them. If you know of a college football rivalry that I have overlooked here, or you know the name of one of the trophies that is given, or anything else that might help, please e-mail me and I'll make the addition or change.

The rivalries are arranged in alphabetical order, and each rivalry is listed under the team alphabetically first. You can use the letter links at the top left of the pages to move around, or you can pick a specific rivalry below to jump straight to it.

The Rivalries

Air Force vs. Colorado State
Akron vs. Kent
Akron vs. Youngstown St.
Alabama vs. Auburn
Alabama vs. Tennessee
Alabama A&M vs. Alabama State
Alabama State vs. Tuskegee
Albion (MI) vs. Olivet (MI)
Alcorn State vs. Jackson State
Amherst vs. Williams
Appalachian State vs. Western Carolina
Arizona vs. Arizona State
Arizona vs. New Mexico
Arkansas vs. LSU
Army vs. Navy
Auburn vs. Georgia
Bethune-Cookman vs. Florida A&M
Boise State vs. Idaho
Boston College vs. Notre Dame
Bowling Green vs. Toledo
BYU vs. Utah
BYU vs. Utah State
California vs. Stanford
UC-Davis vs. Sacramento State
Carleton College vs. St. Olaf
Central Michigan vs. Western Michigan
Cincinnati vs. Louisville
Cincinnati vs. Miami (OH)
Citadel vs. VMI
Clemson vs. N.C. State
Clemson vs. South Carolina
Coast Guard. vs. Rensselar
Colorado vs. Colorado State
Colorado vs. Nebraska
Colorado State vs. Wyoming
Cornell vs. Pennsylvania
Cortland State vs. Ithaca
Dartmouth vs. Princeton
DePauw vs. Wabash
Dickinson vs. Franklin & Marshall
Dickinson vs. Gettysburg
Duke vs. North Carolina
East Carolina vs. N.C. State
Eastern Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky
Elizabeth City State vs. Norfolk State
Florida vs. Florida State
Florida vs. Georgia
Florida vs. Tennessee
Florida State vs. Miami
Franklin College vs. Hanover College
Fresno State vs. San Jose State
Georgia vs. Georgia Tech
Grambling vs. Southern
Gustavus Adolphus (MN) vs. St. Thomas (MN)
Harvard vs. Yale
Hope vs. Kalamazoo
Houston vs. Rice
Idaho vs. Montana
Illinois vs. Northwestern
Illinois vs. Ohio State
Illinois vs. Purdue
Indiana vs. Kentucky
Indiana vs. Michigan State
Indiana vs. Purdue
Indiana (PA) vs. Slippery Rock
Iowa vs. Iowa State
Iowa vs. Minnesota
Iowa State vs. Missouri
Jackson State vs. Tennessee State
Jackson State vs. Southern
Jacksonville State vs. Troy State
Juniata College vs. Susquehanna
Kansas vs. Kansas State
Kansas vs. Missouri
Kentucky vs. Louisville
Kentucky vs. Tennessee
Knox vs. Monmouth
Lafayette vs. Lehigh
Louisiana vs. McNeese State
LSU vs. Ole Miss
LSU vs. Tulane
Maine vs. New Hampshire
Marshall vs. Ohio
Miami (FL) vs. Syracuse
Miami (OH) vs. Ohio
Michigan vs. Michigan State
Michigan vs. Minnesota
Michigan vs. Notre Dame
Michigan vs. Ohio State
Michigan State vs. Notre Dame
Michigan State vs. Penn State
Middle Tennessee State vs. Tennessee Tech
Minnesota vs. Wisconsin
Minnesota State vs. St. Cloud State
Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss
Missouri vs. Nebraska
Missouri Southern State vs. Pittsburg State(KS)
Montana vs. Montana St.
Moravian (PA) vs. Muhlenberg (PA)
Morehouse vs. Tuskegee
Nebraska vs. Oklahoma
Nevada vs. UNLV
Newberry (SC) vs. Presbyterian College (SC)
New Mexico vs. New Mexico State
New Mexico vs. UTEP
New Mexico State vs. UTEP
North Carolina vs. North Carolina State
North Carolina vs. Virginia
North Carolina A&T vs. North Carolina Central
North Dakota vs. North Dakota State
Northwest Missouri State vs. Truman State
Northwestern State (LA) vs. Stephen F. Austin
Notre Dame vs. Purdue
Notre Dame vs. USC
Occidental vs. Pomona
Oklahoma vs. Texas
Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State
Oregon vs. Oregon State
Oregon vs. Washington
Pennsylvania vs. Princeton
Penn State vs. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh vs. West Virginia
Prairie View A&M vs. Texas Southern
Rensselaer vs. Union
Rensselaer vs. Worcester Tech
Richmond vs. William & Mary
Samford vs. Troy State
Syracuse vs. West Virginia
Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt
Texas vs. Texas A&M
Utah vs. Utah State
Valdosta State vs. West Georgia
Virginia vs. Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia
Washington vs. Washington State